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  1. We live in what is basically a clearing in the forest. We've always had coyotes around and they've never given us any real trouble--until now. Within the last month or so they've attacked a neighbor's dog, killed one neighbor's entire flock of chickens and ducks, taken 2 calves from the same neighbor, and killed another's dog. When I say neighbor, they're a good 1/3 mile away, so we have some space here. Everyone has used scare tactics (shooting a gun and the like) and putting LGDs on the prowl. Two nights ago they attacked and killed my 31-year-old donkey. I've had it. Really. I called and hired a couple guys who are trappers. My question is, how effective are trappers? I've never trapped or known anyone who does so I don't know of the success rates of trapping. Anyone trap or use trappers for predator control?
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    Dec 11, 2010
    I am so sorry for your loss.[​IMG]
  3. How terrible! Wonder what has them all geared up after so much time without troubles. I don't know how effective a licensed trapper is but sounds expensive. I would think that poisoned bait would be effective and less expensive than a trapper. Good luck and so sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
  4. Thank you both. I was horrified when I found my old guy in the pasture. The coyote population here is huge and I'm wondering if that plus the cold weather is making them look for prey in things they wouldn't have in the past. We have lots of animals as well as dogs, so the poison scares me. I'm afraid someone would get loose or we'd miss some when picking it up and we'd end up poisoning our own animals as well. When contacted the trappers and explained our situation, they very generouly donated their services. I'm extremely grateful to them for that. We've boarded our dogs and repastured some livestock in hopes that the traps won't catch anything we don't want them to.
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    That was really nice of them to do that. Must be really nice people. Good luck and hope they all go away anyway you can get rid of them.[​IMG]
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    Sounds like a good arrangement. Personally I would NOT use poisoned bait - too much chance of unintended victims.

    Trapping is tricky and that is why the temptation to poison. Used properly, traps are very effective. Glad to hear you have nice trappers local!
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    Oh my...I am so sorry to hear this....I'd be devastated about the donkey...poor old man. [​IMG]

    Hope they have success.......
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    If it were me I'd hit these guys up:

    "If you have Problems with Coyotes, Fox or Bobcats on your property and would like some help. Please E-mail [email protected] and I will do my best to put you in touch with someone in your area !"

    They'd LOVE the opportunity to come hunt your ground.
  9. Quote:Thanks for the info. The fellows that are here were one of the few the game warden recommeded to me. I'd contacted them before Wildlife made that suggestion and it made me feel better that I had hired someoe they recommended.
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    Sounds like you definitely need to take some steps to eliminating or at lest reducing the coyote population around your area. If it's that bad, I'd keep a loaded rifle at hand at all times (out of reach of little ones of course). Wear a handgun on your side. Keep an old shotgun in the garage or even in the chicken coop. I'm not big on trapping because we have cats and they're all I'd catch, but traps are a viable option. There are a number of traps on the market that have a gap in the jaws so as not to break the leg of whatever you catch, and some of them are even padded with rubber. This makes it easier on the occasional dog or cat, though their mood will be less than amiable after being held against their will for any length of time. Live traps are an option as are snares if they're legal in your area. Remember, one must often ask the permission of the local royalty lest we be misled into thinking we live in a free country.[​IMG]

    I don't know if here's a market for coyote pelts where you live, but in some area of the country they're worth skinning out and selling. I wish I had skinned out the two I killed a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't take the time. Both had good pelts.
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