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    After stupidly acquiring a flock of started pullets from a questionable source, I had to nurse them through a bout of what I wound up attributing to mycoplasma. They all pulled through so i resolved to keep them as a closed flock. We are building a new coop for the chicks we acquired in January, but wouldn't you know it, they started showing signs of the same stupid thing! Argh! So i started them on Duramycin in their water (6 week olds now) and most if them improved completely (please save the lecture on it being incurable and they'll always be carriers - i sell neither chicks nor hatching eggs) except for two. One of them even got the swollen eye/sinus and the other just was obviously not feeling good. So I started them on Tylan 50 .25 cc BID for 5 days in the breast and also administered straight nutridrench every 8 hours for 3 days. While the swelling has gone down in that ones sinus, they are still lethargic and pretty much stay hunched up away from the others with their eyes closed. They eat and drink, albeit not as enthusiastically as the others, and respond normally when held. Is there anything else I can do? Should i just wait it out and see if they gradually start to perk up? Honestly the only improvement I've seen is the swelling going down in the one pullet's eye and a diminishment of any other respiratory symptoms. Their lethargy and overall demeanor have not improved. Thoughts, suggestions? I appreciate y'alls input.

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