*Another* Draw the Animal Above You!!!



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Oct 15, 2018
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My Coop
Welcome! :ya
All idea credit goes to DelaneyMGB25!

•You Claim the picture before starting to draw!!

•Please draw the picture and post within 24 hours of claiming, or someone else will get to Claim it!

•When you post your finished art, don’t forget to post another picture for someone to draw!
•Do not Jump in and post a random picture for someone to draw, make sure you wait until a picture is open, then draw it THEN you can post your picture!

•It’s is 100% ok to draw art of any picture you want whenever (IF you didn’t claim! Only the most recent picture can be claimed!) Just make sure to add “SKIP” or someone else in the top of your post, so everyone knows you are just showing off your art skills, and don’t expect a picture from you!

•You DO NOT need to be an amazing artist! Just be yourself! Draw it however you like, realistic, cartoon, anime, black and white, colorful, etc!

If you draw art of someone’s animal and post it, you MUST be okay for them to use it/post it elsewhere! You can discuss details with that user, but I’d assume most artists will let the user use that art, as long as they are credited!

Have FUN!!!:wee
I submit this photo :)

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