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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Ok, Gosh if the ducks didn't have such a poopy mess in our house when they come in even on the blankets we'd I'd have them in all the time, and with 11 ducks I think diapers would get costly. Especiallly ordering those harness type ones that I believe Nettie is it that makes? Now my question is, has anyone just used infant diapers with the velcro tabs just long enough to have their ducks be in the house without all the mess and hassle of the harnesses? Because that is what I was thinking of doing at least if I want them to just have free roam in the house just to visit and socialize rather then cage them up in a room and stink up the place and then return them to their original pen to clean up yet again. Also, if you do what size do you buy? Premies, newborn, and generic cheap brand?? And how do your ducks react to the diapers? I have to go to the store anyways tonight so I thought i'd ask just in case it would work and I'd pick up some.
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    Good Luck with that 1...take lots of photos. shoud be good for a laugh
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    Quote:Didn't your hubby throw you out of your house with your diper wearing ducks, constantly pooing and stinking the house?

    Ducks are wonderful species and we love them all, but they do not belong to indors of a home.

    Just too much stench and bacteria breeding fumes.

    But this is America, do whatever rocks your boat (limits apply wetaher you like it or nor)

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    No, my dh didn't throw me out of the house you must have me mistaken with someone else, I've never had my ducks in diapers before that is why I started this thread. Plus the ducks woudn't be living in my house, just inside visiting us and free to walk around or lay with us instead of confined to a cube cage while watching us. They go back outside, I only want them in diapers for the duration that they are in the house because I am constantly cleaning up the floor when my kids bring them in but not into the cube cage and the drop and when they have their dropsy I clean it up and disinfect the floor.

    Nicky I will definitely post pictures if I do buy some diapers and give it a try. But they won't be pampers or huggie brands. Just the off market generic kind that are cheap but will get the job done while they are inside.
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    You know, I am starting to transition to just using a towel, because with diapers, I still clean the harness with soap and water, and occasionally rinse it with water+essential oils every few days. Diapers aren't exactly environmentally sound with the plastic and absobent gels. A wash towel is easy to wash, and a pair of gloves lasts for many times hand washing if you don't want to get your hands dirty. A towel would work especially well with them being indoors for the short amount of time that you are proposing. The diaper harnesses really aren't all that expensive, and they last a long time, especially if you aren't using them every day.
    I started my ducks in their diapers around 2 months old, and they didn't seem to mind. My problem is the shoes and the leashes- they HATE those! But my boys know that diapers = peas!
    Get the harnesses, but skip on the diapers and use cloth, that's my advice! Also pictures, that is a must!

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