Another egg.. completely dif color! Quick question


6 Years
Dec 11, 2015
So heres a pic of the new egg, its almost like a pastelish orangie-pink. Next to it is the pretty green egg we got the other day..

I think my chickens think its Easter with these pastel colors hahahaha I love it!!!

But for real, with such a color difference, its safe to assume its from another chicken.. correct??? If so that means I have 2 that are laying YAY!!!


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Also which one would be laying this new color? We have wyandottes, 1 old English bantam, 1 seabright, a silkie, 2 EE's that look alot like ameraucanas, isa browns, light brahmas and 2 buff orpingtons.

Im pretty sure the green one came from one of the EE's.
The new one looks almost light brown/cream so it could be almost any of those!! The green one is definitely from one of the Easter Eggers. How exciting!!

Also, kind of random, but I love your username and your dog!! Gorgeous dog.
Awwwww ty, his name is Steel and he is amazing. And yes he is stunning to look at and such a fierce protector!!!! ;)

Oh and i forgot, we have 1 barred rock too. Tho i dont know who laid it. The wyandottes and light brahmas have very red combs/waddles. No clue lol guess it will be a mystery.. wheres scooby and the gang when ya need them lol

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