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    I know I have read several posts on here regarding egg size, but I just want some clarification. I have 5 Cuckoo Marans & 3 Barred Rocks....they are now about about 24 weeks old. My girls started laying the first week in August and are now laying on the average about 5 eggs a day. The egg sizes are 90% small. I weigh every egg on my scale as I collect them. I have had some mediums, a couple of larges and about 4 extra larges that ended up having double yolks and 1 extra large that had the rare "egg in an egg". About how long after they start laying do the egg sizes start becoming consistent? When I was deciding which breed to raise, I chose the Marans for the Large Dark Brown eggs....but so far, mostly small. Thanks in advance for any help [​IMG]
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    They gradually get bigger over a few months. Then after their first adult molt, the eggs get even bigger.

    My 2 1/2 year old BR lays jumbo sized eggs.

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