Another new addition (Nigerian Dwarf)


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
Grenada, MS
Yesterday I noticed that my black doe Jazzy was filling out a bit more in the udder, although still small and not real tight. I felt for ligaments and they were mush. So I think maybe she is going to go on the 22 after all, which was the next due date on my list. Well, got up this morning and went up to feed and hear a baby crying loudly. I thought at first it was one of Pookeys babies but I could see them both and they were not crying. I go into the barn and see Jazzy with goop streaming and I can hear a baby but don't see one. I found her. She had obviously given birth in the main hall and the baby went under the gate into the outer section where we keep the bunnies. She is fine but scared me to death. I am so thankful I found her and did not go on to work like I thought about since I was running late. She was a mess. All the goop still on her and hay and dirt all stuck to that. I took her in and rinsed her with warm water, which she loved. Then dried her good and brought her back to mom. She was licking her and all seems fine. She did not feel tight in her udder though. I squeezed and milk came out though. So I guess it will be ok. i saw she had passed her placenta too so I guess a single. Which is fine. I am worried now that the sister will do the same and not udder up or give me much warning. Will have to keep an eye on her. Anyway. I will try to get pics later, but she appears to be a dark choc. probably buckskin. White frosting on ears and snout and BLUE eyes of course. Will update later. And keep you updated on Ariel.

Congrats on your newborn goat! Looking forward to pics too!
Did not have time to take any this morning. I was already running late when I went up there. You can imagine how late I was after that. And the kids were late for school too. So I will definitely try to get pics when I get home.


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