Another new adventure...building a new coop and raising Brahma's'....


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Cleveland, Tennessee

My name is Cher coming to you from the beautiful state of Tennessee by way of Texas and Pennsylvania! We live on 6 1/2 acres with two lovable Cocker Spaniels, Molly and Maddie.

I have raised chickens before on our farm in Cambridge Springs, Pa. For 12+ years we raised Plymouth Barred Rocks, usually kept around 20 or so and sold the eggs.

But I finally talked my husband in to building me a small coop for four Brahma's. They will be spoiled rotten and kept for pets and eggs only. I researched the breeds and feel these will fit perfectly. They just started laying. I am getting them from a fellow co-worker whose child raises them. We hope to start our coop next weekend. I will attach pictures as we go. Any helpful hints will be appreciated. I currently an considering coarse sand in the coop itself, and the run will actually have a wooden floor to keep critters out, and I am contemplating mulch. I look forward to hearing from ya'll with your ideas!
Greetings from Kansas, Cher, and
! Great to have you aboard! My only advice on the coop is: make it bigger than you think you need (4 sq. ft./bird is recommended) in case you ever want to add birds. And, avoid chicken wire and use hardware cloth instead. Best of luck to you!
Thank you. Yes the coop inside will be 3-4 sq. Feet per bird plus an eight foot run. We are planning on using hardware cloth as well. My plan is for them to have the run of our fenced in yard as well.

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