Another Noisy Chicken Thread

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5 Years
May 5, 2014
Hello, everyone.

We have currently 5 chickens (3 RIR and 2 EE). Our reigning queen RIR is extremely noisy and since the chicken run sits adjacent three homes I am concerned she's wearing out her welcome. While we all sit on large lots with plenty of space I feel like we aren't being good neighbors. While not especially loud with her egg song, this chicken gets set off anytime we open or close a door, cast a shadow outside, or look out a window, basically anytime she thinks she sees us. The only time she quiets down once she is set off is if I go out to the chicken run and hang out with them for several minutes. If I am on the other side of the fence or not close enough to them she will continue. This is really starting to wear thin since our garden butts up to the chicken run. Try relaxing in the garden by listening to this while you are out there:

This isn't my chicken but this is the noise she makes starts right around the 16 second mark. She paces up and down the chicken run looking at us like she has murder on her mind or something while she is making this call. I'll go over and tell her to hush or throw some table scraps or go pet her, but if I leave she starts back up and goes until she is distracted by something else (15-30 minutes at a time). Aside from the fact that I don't know what she wants, it is an nails-on-the-chalkboard annoying sound. As far as I can tell all their needs are being met, always available food, we through in table scraps, plenty of room to roam, easy access to nesting boxes and a close examination doesn't show her to have anything physically wrong with her. She appears to lay fine, although not as frequently as the EEs. Also the other hens coo and cluck quietly and while some of them get carried away with their egg song, none of them cackle in this way.

I I have read lots of threads on noisy chickens but I haven't seen many solutions except "chickens are noisy." If I can tame the noise than she can stay, otherwise she'll need to go for the sake of my patience and being a considerate neighbor.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Our 5chickys are the same but we residential. So I feel sorry for neighbors but as soon as they get louder I yell out shhhhoossshhh chikys n they stop and start up again lol till I open the door and they go lol quiet. Cos they can hear me chopping there vegies of food up soo love Dem but 5am every morning,then every 3hours its tiring lol
They used to roam the neighborhood for 4yrs everyone. Loved n knows them they had set times neighbors wud feed them bread others wud walk with them and they wud always come home to lay but now we had one complaint the chickys were getting into there garden so we had to keep them in the backyard so I guess the chickys still used to roaming and missing there meal dates in the neighborhood I just now figured out why they so demanding so now I will be there bread date lol see how we go at end of week
Hi have a new lot of chickys but seems all our chickens seem to quieten down if you say shhhhhhh its like a calming sound to them, or if they can see me they will make lotsa noise but once for example if u close the door to them they stop.

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