Another reason texting can be bad

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by greeneggsandham, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I guess if she wasn't hurt what does mall security have to do with it anyway? No one shoved her in. Sounds like a big cry baby to me.

    NO I wouldn't sue the mall - they didn't do anything. It's called personal responsiblity.
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    A business like the mall would have incident/accident reports to fill out....that is what security would help with. It does not matter whos fault it is....the form should have been filled out instantly for everyones protection and records.
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    I tripped on a step once while doing my job. I could have gone through workmans comp, but figured it was my fault. So I have had 2 surgeries for a torn rotator cuff and tendon. Cost me around 5k in deductibles and copay. It's ridiculous what people will try to sue for. Some people have justified suits which is why I'm against a rudimentary cap. Other people need to be put in jail for fraud.
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    I saw the video and thought it should be titled, "Texting, while mall walking."

    Personally, I thought it was hilarious. After all, the woman wasn't hurt...I wonder if her Ipad got destroyed.

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    Personal responsibility. It's sorely lacking nowadays. [​IMG]
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    Sigh - and now, she is looking at suing the mall - go figure.
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    I agree with gritstar. Some people just don't want to take responsibility for their own actions.
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  10. Why It Happened: Texting instead of watching where you're walking.
    How It Happened: See video.
    Seriously, the lawyer doesn't know how or why?

    She said herself she was embarrassed and just hauled tail, hoped no one saw, etc. Then complains that no one saw. Pick one. Love that she says "that coulda been a senior citizen!"... yeah, it could have been a fragile lady you smashed into cuz you weren't paying attention. It could have been an innocent bystander you tackled and hurt instead of just yourself. Absolutely right about that honey. YOU could have done a lot more harm than you did. As to why security didn't come running. Just of that particular scene we know they have two cameras... so how many cameras do you think are throughout that mall? And how many security people are on duty to watch all those screens? There's no way they have one guard for every single camera... plus extras walking around too. They depend on people, employees and customers, CALLING them if there is trouble. This woman, who most definitely knew the number since she worked there, definitely knew the layout, where security is, etc she didn't call. I'm guessing that after she climbed out, walked around, found a manager, talked to her, got calm etc... then the manager she spoke to called security and they came... 20 minutes probably seems like an eternity when you're soaking wet, but if you're dealing with a hysterical person who isn't speaking right, trying to assess whether she's hurt or okay... etc... you can't just leave her to make a call. That's my guess about what happened anyways. We know by her own words that she didn't call, not until the next day, so it was someone else. Makes sense it was the manager she actually talked to.

    As to holding people responsible for the leak... one employee took it upon themselves to steal mall property (the security tape) and blast it through the air waves. Why are you trying to hold the mall accountable for a person (or maybe couple people) who STOLE from them? You want to investigate? Work WITH the mall to find who it was who stole from them. THAT is who owes you an apology. That is who should be prosecuted for theft. And IMO should be fired.

    Grow up. You tripped over your own feet, people laughed. You yourself admit it's funny. Get over it.

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