Another reason to mark your broody eggs

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    Oct 31, 2008
    Our young blue orp seemed to be broody: she fluffed, she bit, she squawked, she set, she even broody-pooped! So one night we moved her to her own lil house with her own lil nest of 10 blueEE eggs and 2 marans- -all marked just because I mark them. She is setting nicely now for 3 days.
    DH lifted the nest lid today while she was off the nest and eating and found 2 orp eggs. They rather stood out from the blue and marans. She has been locked in solo for the past 3 days , so our girl is still laying while she is setting. We will just collect her egg when she gets up every day.
    I won't even bother candling the eggs she is on-- impossible with blue and marans for at least 18 days. We have lots of eggs, so let's see what she will do.
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    impossible? Naw- mother nature is odd-

    Hens can hold the seed for about 2-3 weeks.

    Here's hoping for a perfect hatch!

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