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Sep 3, 2009
I seem to be the queen of stupid questions but here goes.........I was wondering how do you ship eggs? Do people have different ways and what is the best way?

Thanks for all the info!!
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There are many different methods to shipping eggs; the best success I have ever had was an egg carton, with bubble wrapped eggs (each egg) and bubble wrapped egg carton with packing peanuts all around, shipped in a priority mail flat rate box.

There are also foamy thingys that are available; I think bubble wrap is cheaper.

Good luck!
I can tell you how I received eggs from bargain. Each egg was wrapped in bubble wrap, and packed into a box snugly with popcorn, bubble wrap and misc styrofoam. And there was a foamy padding on the bottom of the box. She then put that box in a larger box and padded it.

The eggs made it all unbroken from GA to CA. They are in the incubator right now. (Day 6)
There are a lot of threads already on here about shipping.. you might try the search engine.

I've used cartons, and not had very good luck. I used to bubblewrap each egg, then nestle it snugly in crumpled newspaper. But then I received eggs from OnTheSpot, and she just used newspaper. It was the best ever, no breakage. I use the method now (wrap each egg like grandma's fine china then nestle snugly in crumpled newspaper) and haven't had any broken eggs, even the ones from here to Florida.

It takes practice, but it can be done.
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