Another "What are they" thread :-)


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8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
Drove really far to get an Americauna rooster, got there and found these guys...who are definately not americaunas. I was already there, so I brought two home lol. I'm pretty dang positive they are not americauna, possibly americauna mixes...? Sorry for the bad pictures, chickens are FAST haha. The darker of the two does have a bearded/ poofy face. Any clues as to heritage on these guys? The big giant orange legs are throwing me off. They are supposedly 5 months old.

Just some further mixed EEs is my guess. The first one looks like it had a barred parent. With the other the feathers look like a EE, but he does have a straight comb any yellow legs. EEs are already mixed, but they look further mixed.

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