Ant killer and chickens


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Does anyone know if fire ant killer will harm chickens? I have had a bad fire ant mound around one of my trees and I finally got to treating the mound. The chickens never took an interest in it until I treated it and now I can't keep them out of the mound. I parked my lawn tractor and put outdoor welcome mats and flower pots all around the base of the tree trying to keep them out. Looks like it is working now but I am afraid the damage may already be done.

Also would it still be safe to eat their eggs or should I throw a few days eggs away?


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
GA Chicken Rancher
poison designed to kill insects, may in small amounts only make larger things sick, large amounts death. IMHO, I would not eat one grain, much less a spoonful of mound killer. think your best idea was to cover and see if hens become ill after 48 hours or so. I would avoid eggs for a week for so.

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