Antique Sears and Roebuck egg incubator - $150.00 (Salem Ohio)


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May 4, 2011
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I acquired this incubator when i bought property about 2 yrs ago from original owner for $300- It is pretty large (guessing the wooden cabinet is about 2x4' around and about 3' tall). It can hold several hundred eggs- max is 600- I put about 300 large chicken eggs in it with 85% hatching rate, the racks have a slide to turn eggs! has the barometer and thermometer on door, but I used the electronic one for more accuracy right on the trays. The water reservoir was galvanized steel, they were kinda rusty when I bought it for $300- but I used the water bottles on the bottom and large water containers on the top instead of them, worked fine. If you are interested in seeing it give me a call. Price is negotiable, I was going by 1/4 the price on the same models that I have seen on ebay in the past. and half what I paid because I moved when I had a baby and don't have the barn or time for chickens anymore.
If your interested or have any questions please call or text me at 33O ** 360*** 4601 if I don't answer please leave a message or text and I will get back to you.

This is a local Cash deal only! No trades and no shipping.

Thanks for looking!

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