Anxious for Chicks!


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Jan 1, 2011
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So, we went to our coop today and our hen was in the grit container and I knew sooner or later she was going to get eggs because of her redness but anyways, she was sitting in there all comfortable with the grit and hay. I think she just laid today but, how many more do you think she'll lay? She is a buff wyandotte bantam I think and the room in the container is kinda small. When the chicks do hatch how will I get them out without being pecked?


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Not all hens go broody. She could just keep laying there... save the eggs, put some golf balls in and if she does go broody you can replace the golf balls with her eggs.

If she does hatch out her chicks (provided you have a rooster), once she realizes she can't get the chicks out, she'll let you help.
She might fuss a bit, so put some gloves on to do it.

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