any advice on lockdown?


Jun 18, 2016
Kent, England
Hi, I have 8 runner duck eggs and 2 cayuga duck eggs on day 24, I've candled today and all are moving. Tomorrow is lockdown, just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice? Is 65% humidity good for duck eggs for lockdown? If it goes higher would that be ok? Im at work all day so was thibking if I make it higher then by the time it drops I should be home from work. I've got sponges, spray bottle, egg cartons, cloths, tubing for adding water through vent hole - anything else that I may need? Im going to place the two cayuga eggs in cut down egg cartons as they both have saddle shaped air cells. For the others when I lay them down do I need to put a certain side up, in relation to the air cell? When should they pip internally? I have a brinsea octagon - do I need to lay the bottom (where the eggs are) with anything to stop the ducklings from slipping when hatched? Anything else?
Thank you in advance :D

Thank you!!! Do the air cells look ok, on the second pic you can see a shadow in the air cell that was moving!!
If you see a shadow in the air cell that sounds like you have an internal pip. There always seems to be one that can't wait to hatch. Air cells look good to me but honestly i don't use a bator I do the old fashioned way and use my ducks so can't answer the other questions.


@CyndiD Both also use bators.
Hi! Congrats so far, looking good!

65% is fine, I usually shoot for around 70%, give or take a few points so dont stress over a number too much.
That second pic almost looks like an internal pip, but could also just be the bill pressing on the membrane. When you lay the egg down, lay the lowest side of the air cell pointing up, if that makes sense. In your first picture, the right side of the egg should be facing the roof of the incubator.

Dropping a degree....I did once drop a degree, but I did it in tenths, over 10 days. I do not do it any longer, only because I dont think it really matters. Lol. As long as it doesn't get overly hot or overly cool, they should be fine. Think of a broody. They get off the nest and such.

Other than that, just be aware that they can take 40-48 hours from the time they pip to actually zipping out, so be patient. Sometimes its under 24 hours, but they take their own sweet time

Good luck! I hope you will post updates!
Thank you!!
I certainly will post updates. I'm glad they're looking good :D. Got it :thumbsup
Would you say that I should line the floor with anything to stop them slipping?

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