ANY AVAIN VET or persons who know about geese need help ASAP


8 Years
Feb 23, 2012
Hello last night my goose was attacked by a fox . He has a deep flesh wound under his wing about two inches long and you can seE into the body cavity .He can stand but is not too active . I cleaned the area with diluted peroxide and silver shield. Also removed feathers around it then applied some antibiotic salve and covered it with gauze. He is drinking but refuses to eat. I tried force feeding him and got one syringe of egg in him, but that stressed him out. Should I continue to try to force feed ? What is the best method ? How should I dress the wound ? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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I wouldnt force feed him. Just keep wound cleaned out. As long as hes drinking water he'll get hungry eventually. Since the attack was recent he could still be in some shock. As for bandaging I tend to just clean the wound with peroxide two or three times a day, and just keep an eye on him and the wound.
He will eat in time, for now nutri drench is the best option. A few drops by mouth daily, or you can mix with water if hes drinking.
No, we have to do self treatment , no avian vets in the area. The link you sent won't come up. Can I use Terramycin ?

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