any clue on what this could be? *** updated with video****


11 Years
Jul 16, 2008
this chick I hatched from one of my moms eggs. she is the sweetest chick I ever seen. everytime I go to sit with them she always comes and jumps on my lap or shoulder. when I had them outside she flew up and landed on my shoulder. I just love this chick to pieces. She will be with me forever even if she is a standard breed.





so any ideas what she could be?
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I was thinking this one could be a guinea/chicken mix but not sure. I think I remember reading somewhere that they said they only live 2 years so I sure hope now its not a mix
I am not sure, either.

Do you know for sure that she could be a guinea mix? I read/was told that they could mix, too but that the offspring are sterile.

Her body shape makes me think of a guinea, tho.
not for sure her 1 guinea does live with her chickens. The guinea is a male that much we know. I will try to get some better pics of her up.
A good start would be to list the breeds that your mom has, since you said this came from your mom's eggs.
She looks like the coloring of and EE and an Italian Brown Leg Horn or an OEB.
I have a pullet that is almost same feathering and color and the 2 breeds look so much alike (hen wise) that I just have to wait and see if she is bantam or standard.

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