Any DIY Duck Waterer ideas?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SoonersDucks, Jul 14, 2019 at 8:31 AM.

  1. SoonersDucks

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    Jun 26, 2019
    I am looking for some ideas for a duck waterer that will keep their drinking water “clean”. I know that is dang near impossible, but would like to see what others have come up with.
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    Have you seen the ARTICLE section of this website yet? There are a few articles on how to build a waterer.
    Unfortunately I am on my phone right now and can't post a direct link to that area for you but I will come back later today (from my computer) and do so if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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  3. Duckworth

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    May 15, 2017
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    I just use 2-1/2 gallon feed buckets filled with water. My ducks drop food into their water, so it’s not going to stay clean no matter what I do. But they can’t get into the buckets, so they stay poop free. My ducks dunk their heads and drink. In the morning, I dump them onto my trees or garden, rinse and refill them, then top them off later in the day. If I also have a kiddie pool out, then I just use two buckets. In cold weather, when the kiddie pool is gone for the winter, I put out three or four buckets, which I have to rotate through the house to thaw as they become solid ice. I have six ducks.
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  4. Rammy

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    Oct 20, 2008

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