Any dog lovers that can help me with this one?


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Jun 18, 2009
My kids and I found 2 young puppies in the road. It was in a very rural area and there were no houses around...only fields. Mama was nowhere to be found nor did I see any other pups with them. We did look but it was getting dark so it was hard to see. My experience has been that mama dogs are protective of pups and I think if she was there she would shown herself. I hope I did the right thing I just couldn’t leave them there to get run over. I cant tell how old they are nor do I know what breed they are. They look thin to me, I can see their bones through their skin. They are COVERED in fleas and ticks but I dont want to bathe them if they are too young. I do have some Hartz advanced care 4 in 1 drops for dogs weighing 4 to 15 pounds. I also have flea and tick shampoo. Any advice on how to care for these babies until I can find them a home? I just want to do the right thing. Poor little girls are thirsty and look hungry but are not eating as of yet.
Here are some pictures... maybe someone could give me an idea of their age. I posted on another forum but BYC is always so helpful!!! I had to ask here too!


They look old enough to give a bath... I'd bathe them. The fleas would be more harmful (causing anemia) left on that getting them off. Also.. offer them some goats milk on their food.. it will encourage them to eat... make it good and wet. Maybe also mix wet food in. Bring them to the food and wipe some in their mouth. Also same goes for the water. Since you don't know where they've been or how they've been cared for you assume they need to be taught. Mom may have been feral.... or someone dumped them where you found them. Bless you for taking them in! Can't really tell at this age what mix they are... they seem to have small paws so some small breed... possibly chihuahua mix, terrier mix.

They look scared.. but I bet they will warm up to you after all the bathing and food!

Good luck!!

They are so cute! I wish I could take them both, but I have too many dogs already.

I'm not sure what to use for the fleas on such young dogs. Maybe just a plain shampoo first and pull the ticks off with tweezers. I wouldn't use any flea/tick drops on such young dogs.

Thanks for doing the right thing and helping these poor lost babies!
BTW... Keep them away from your dog (saw you have one) in a separate area. You don't know if they have something contageous. You want to keep your dog safe.

regular soap like dish soap or body wash will take off the fleas just fine - especially if you let them "soak" in it a bit and they are definitely small enough to soak in the sink or tub (soaking a 60lb dog is a different story, lol)

I wouln't ever put Hartz "on the neck drops" on an animal, no matter the age.

Edit: In my experience, shy puppies or kittens sometimes warm up to you fast if you snuggle them in a towel while drying them off. I guess being wet makes them more appreciative of the attention.
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OH WOW!! Thank you all for the quick responses!!! I posted on a dog forum and still have NO replies! I knew I could count on BYC! You all rock!!!

Ok back to the pups... Great advice we will go ahead and just bathe the poor little babies. I dont use the Hartz on my dog either, I think someone gave it to me. lol I was feeling a bit desperate to help the poor little things. I have them in my pups crate (she doesnt use it) for the night and am keeping them away from her just in case. They really are scared!!! I dont have any dawn or skin so soft but I have palmolive? Do ya think that will work? I guess it is better then nothing until I can get to the store or vet.

I will keep you all posted! Thank you!!!!!

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