Any guesses on breeds of these Ideal surprise chicks? Can be any of their standard size chickens...


7 Years
May 24, 2012
They are 3 and a half weeks old.

Chick 1 - head is a red-rust color

Chick 2

Back of Chick 1, and Chick 3--looks like Barred Rock chick but with white chest.

Chick 4 All Black, including dark slate legs and feet with black wash.

Chick 5

Chick 6 on the left--feathered legs, but does not appear to be a Cochin. Langsham maybe? Always stood tall.

Chick 7 little white one.

All of these have straight combs.
Thanks for any guesses!

Betsy are my guesses:

Chick 1: not sure on this one...Partridge something...head is too rust for Partridge Rock, but that was my first guess

Chick 2: Looks to be a Speckled Sussex...chipmunk chick pattern with white spots coming in, beige/pink legs....if legs were yellow, I'd guess Welsummer

Chick 3: I think is still a Barred Rock...white chest will appears to have the black wash on the front of the legs, so I don't think it is a Black Marans

Chick 4: Black Star female, pretty sure

Chick 5: Gold Star/Red Star/Red Sexlink,etc. female, pretty sure

Chick 6: Not familiar with that breed, no guess

Chick 7: White Rock

Lady of McCamley
Thank you for your input! I hadn't even thought of Speckled Sussex or White Rock--but they both make sense. The white chicks just didn't look like Leghorns to me, but I couldn't think of what else they might be. I agree totally on the sex-linked chicks. I've never had them before, but they seem to fit the descriptions quite well.

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