Any Home Bakers Here?


Jun 9, 2020
SW Michigan

When I start getting over-confident/big-headed, this kind of thing happens!:rolleyes:
Just a reason to keep "practicing" (and not wait until the last second to start the bread).


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Apr 19, 2012
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She was getting pecked, so was desperate and tried this spray now I wish I hadn't, it looks permanent. She's still my beautiful girl :D
Not permanent, she will moult in the fall. Until then, she is "pretty in pink"!

Ancini de peppe
I had to look that up. Those little things cook 9 minutes? I'd think they would turn to mush.

He is doing much better at this time. He can walk without a walker for a few feet which is new. He is beginning to get his strength back as well.

It is a sign of a good rise in the oven.
I was going to suggest that, as a guess but I figured someone who actually knew should respond :D

When I start getting over-confident/big-headed, this kind of thing happens!
Nice loaves!


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Feb 23, 2018
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What an AWESOME thread! Thank you for editing and putting in the links for the recipes! What a fantastic thing! Such community building!

While my mom's baking was limited (usually modifying box brands to become more amazing, such as Bisquick biscuits), I took an interest in baking some time ago. First attempt at pie dough was a massive failure because I didn't know the butter had to be cold. Years later, I put the fear aside when one of the first baking shows on the then infancy of TV Food Network showed me I *could* indeed do it. Nick Malgieri's _Baker's Dozen_ show demystified the process for me, and off I went. Gosh, I just did the math in my head and it was at least 25 years ago. ANYHOW, bread was my next conquest but sourdough remained elusive for quite some time, honestly until 2018/2019. Christmas Day in 2018 provided the crock and starter, and soon after it was off to the races. Once I got the discard thing down and the pattern of feeding versus fridge time, and using a dutch oven for the baking, it became second nature, and I love it. I feel like it's sort of a meditative practice in many ways, and I'm usually making 3-4 loaves a week both for our family and some dear friends that need a little extra TLC.

King Arthur Baking has been such a great source of recipes - and we sure have loved the deep dish pizza dough recipe (2020 recipe of the year). But I must say, getting special recipes that have been passed down in families is such a precious thing! I love it.

Thank you again for this fantastic thread!

Welcome to "Any Home Bakers Here". I bake but not like these do. I get other recipes that I like. You will be able to garner lots of information.

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