Any idea on how to recycle egg flats.

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So I have a growing problem of egg flats.

Since I only use cartons to sell my eggs I get a lot of flats left over. Would anyone have any good ideas on what I could do with them... thoes piles are only about 2 months old and its still growing. I have already posted them on craigslist and byc at .02 cents each to see if I could possible sell some.

I'm thinking of maybe making something else out of them... Or maybe seeing if I could find a local place that would buy them to recycle sorta thing. even if it wasn't much.
throw them into a mulcher and them work them into the soil or compost? barn fire? or ask the local Firestation if they can use them to start a practice fire?
There was a good idea in one of the Farm Show magazines. They put paraffin in the cups, cut them individually and used them as fire starters.

Looking back at the picture,
That's enough to insulate a house.
Stack them in the attic.
I think borax acts as a fire retardant.
We got ground up phone books that had been treated with a fire retardant from Lowe's, we blew it into the crawl spaces.

Or, use it to line the walk ways of next year's garden. Over lap the cells and water them in.

Where are you? I'll come get them.
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I love that idea. Mini pots and bidegradeable at that. Might also be able to make paper mache (sp) and maybe see if I have a mold or something that I could mold my own pots out of them.
DO NOT USE them as insulation in your house. They are not fire retardant. A coop would be one thing but not a house. I like the idea to start seedlings. You can also compost them. You could use them as a weed barrier in a raised bed.

on edit: adding them to water and breaking them down to reform them into bigger pots would be an awesome idea. Not sure what you could use as forms but I really like they thought of that.
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