Any idea what these chicks are? Was told they are black copper marans

Chicks with that white spot on their head when they hatch will be barred in color--those "bars" of black and white. If your birds are Marans, they're cuckoo coloring.

Generally, larger, looser white spots on the head indicate males, while smaller, tighter spots indicate females. From that first pic you have a lot of males.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I am now pretty sure they are Cuckoo Marans.

I'd love to know if you still think they are mostly males. From the changes in the last 2 weeks, I think there are 10 hens and 2 roos.

Here are some more pictures at about 5 weeks:

I think the one in the foreground is a rooster. Already showing a larger comb and much lighter coat.

here's a close up of what I think is a lady:

here's what their legs look like, kind of black


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