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Sep 7, 2018
Northeast Ohio
Our girls like to peck at veggies BUT, we've recently found a fun way to engage them by clicker training them to ring a bell and other things. I picked up a cheap service bell at the dollar store, and they enjoy being able to make it ring, knowing a treat comes after!
would like to know more about your process for this...sounds do you get them to ring the bell initially?


Apr 24, 2015
@kylemsenger - It starts by teaching them the sound of the clicker means treat. We moved on to putting the bell with them, and when they walked up and touched it in any fashion (even without the ring) they got click-treat. Then after getting this down pat, I'd wait until they had gotten a few accidental rings to get used to the sound. So I go two ways from here- I either....
  1. have them already trying to earn treats by touching it, and I ring the bell myself then immediately click-treat after the sound so they know that is the desired action.
  2. the way I taught the ducks, I started being selective. It went from being "you get a treat every time you touch the bell" to now "you have to achieve the sound to get it" (however ducks are grabby so I had to fasten the bell to something so they didn't just flip it over to make it ring, and had to learn to tap it instead to make the sound)
This is just me!

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