Any Ideas on how to prepare the coop and Girls for Hurricane


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Jun 7, 2011
Hey all,
I need advice on how to prepare my coop and girls for a possible hurricane here in VT. Any thoughts, Ideas or suggestions? We don't normally get hurricanes here.
Thanks you for the help
Im moving all the girls into the basement saturday night/sunday day, because unfortunately i have to work for most of the day during the storm, and i would hate that my SO would have to be running around catching birds.

If you cant move them indoors for this, for the day, Make sure there arent any threatening limbs that may fall on the coop, trees and such. Make sure you can securely latch all items on the coop, tin roofing ( few more nails?) and eye hooks or plastic zip ties. Anything that moves, or can be blown open by strong winds needs to be secured.

Im in North West CT. I dont know what to expect, but our coop is under a tree that is on its way out, and no real way to remove the thing with such short notice. Plus, again, i dont know what to expect. Could be nothing, could be pretty vicious. Id rather just be ready and have my girls and boys safe.
Good luck!
Anything that is loose and can be blown around needs to be secured, either tied down or put inside the coop or a shed, we put all our waterers and feed bowls inside. Look around the outside of the coop also, things like lawn chairs, trash cans, etc all need to be secured or inside. If you lose power you will need to have a supply of water for them, we set a large tub in our feed room and filled it with water. Have enough food for them for a couple of days. Also something to keep them busy if they have to be inside for a day or so, some cabbage in a suet feeder, sunflower seeds, etc.

Good luck, we have done all our preparations and are as ready as we can be.

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