any ideas on who is laying which eggs?


8 Years
Apr 16, 2014
We have two runners (chocolate and fawn/white), a pekin, and a blue swedish. They were hatched mid April and are starting to lay. Our pekin is still laying soft mushy eggs for some reason even though they are on a layer formula and have oyster shell so not sure if any of them are hers, unless she is laying soft AND hard eggs.

The top tan egg is a store bought chicken egg, US quarter for scale. From left to right HUGE egg (probably a double yolk, have gotten one other), and then three similarly sized ones only slightly larger than the chicken egg. The second one from left is a bit pinker in color and the right two are pretty much exactly identical, although the third from left is a slightly bumpier texture.

Any guesses?


7 Years
Jun 22, 2014
New Mexico
Pekins lay those huge white ones. -the one on the far left in your pic- (researching) apparently the blue swedish lay white eggs, but an occational blue, green, or grey tinted eggs. The right two eggs you have are most likely from the same duck. A fawn/white runner can lay a white or pale green. The chocolate runner lays white eggs. Maybe your pekin is low on vitamin a or d? Or getting too much oyster shells?

Maybe your blue swedish is the light pink egg because theiy're a bit bigger bird then the indian runners.

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