Aug 9, 2018
We have a chicken called Maple, she is the bottom of the pecking order. A few months ago, she had barely any feathers as one of the other birds had been pecking the tips of her feathers. Now, her feathers have grown back and the chicken who used to peck her now wears “chicken spectacles” which have been working for the last couple of weeks. Ever since being pecked and picked on by the other five chickens in the flock she seems very anxious around them. When they come close to her she clucks at them and her breathing is almost always fast and she has experienced weight loss - but is happy to eat food if we feed her in a separate space to the others. She also spends quite a bit of the day sat either in the coop or nest box until I come to bring her out for food. Any ideas on a condition or solution would be very much welcome. Thank you, Chloe & Maple​

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