Any ideas why my duck died?

robyn power

Jun 18, 2017
Hi guys, first time posting on here and unfortunately it has to be a sad topic :(
I have had 2 ducks for the past couple of years but unfortunately this morning one died suddenly and i have absolutely no idea why. They were in the bath we have in the garden as it is almost 30 degrees today in the uk. We'd emptied the water and refilled it yesterday so the water was clean however the one duck appeared to lose all strength in her legs and had her wings both out stretched as if she was trying to pull herself out. We took her out the bath and laid her on the grass where her neck lost all strength also and she began being sick. By the time we got from our house to the vets (the whole process taking about 10 minutes) she had died in my arms :( the other duck is absolutely fine, no signs of any kind of illness. We havent added any new plants in the garden and havent changed their diets so i am at a loss as to why we lost her so very suddenly. She showed absolutely no sign of illness the past few days. They've both just been their normal selves. Has anyone got any ideas? I am absolutely beside myself as she was a part of the family. Thankyou in advance for any ideas x


In the Brooder
Jul 11, 2017
sorry for your loss. I have 4 female chickens a male duck and had a female duck all were babies when I got them and now about 7 months old. I just went outside to put them all back in their coop and the found the female duck dead on the ground. Not sure what happened if she choked on something or if it was a sickness. I want to get another female for my male but afraid if it was a sickness that the male could have it. Any suggestions?

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