any in Hillsdale MI??

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  1. Chick_in_Indiana

    Chick_in_Indiana Songster

    Dec 14, 2007
    NE Indiana
    I live in NE IN and I know about wolf lake. I heard about one in hillsdale that is every Sat. Has anyone ever gone? It might be skewed info too. Thanks
  2. brooster

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    Jun 14, 2007
    northwest Ohio
    Yeah. it is at the hillsdale fairgrounds. it is a huge junk auction on one side, you can find stuff tho, i have gotten some chicken feeders, waterers. then there is a barn full of flea market stuff. I got an incubator there. Then there is an animal barn like 4 rows of poultry and 3 rows of rabbits. Just overflow that people cant house. Chickens go for like $1 a bird! People just buy all the ones no one wants then get them butchered. They have ducks and quail and geese. there is a lafy there who will hive you a huge stack of egg cartons cause some guy brings them to here and she doesnt need any more. And she sells Buff brahmas and EEs. Its kinda trashy but you can find stuff there for cheap! Just go! You will like it, just go the the gass station across the street if ya gotta use the restroom! Maybe we will see each other there. Wha tis the one you are talking about?

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