Any interest in doing a Roosting Robin Quilt?

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    Roosting Robins are quilts that start with a center medallion or panel. Borders are added one at a time. This is a spin off from Round Robins where the original quilter does the center block and forwards the center and 1 1/2 yards of fabric with her quilt and lets another quilter do the next border by adding any type of blocks and colors that seems appropriate. Round robins can be a little tricky to do, as quilt some times disappear in transit for one reason or another. But my thoughts are, if there are quilters that wanted to try a roosting robin, we could all work on our own and add a border a month and post pictures of our progress.

    When 5 borders are complete, the quilt is usually full size. This is an example of round robins that I have worked on. The stripes didn't photograph correctly, they were actually tiny little pin stripes but the wind distorted them, sorry.


    Here's an other one that the medallion was mine and other quilters did the borders.


    I have always been amazed by this quilt. It was started by a police officer in Alaska, one of the first male quilters that I ever met. Now it is more common, but was rare back then.


    The center medallion can be as simple as a set of pinwheel blocks or some other blocks that you like or an pre printed panel. The tricky part is figuring out what size to make the next row of blocks to fit around it. These quilts were all at various stages in the round robin swap.
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