Any knife makers out there?


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Jul 27, 2018
Middlesbrough, UK
hi peoples

You might say that is a bad but i still have all my fingers an only have about 10 scars from knife related accidents. I used to (about 6 months) make knives by the dozen. They were alright but I could ever quite get i right. this knife making spree carried on until my dad said that i have far to many knives and i should get rid of them...stupid chap. I duly did ( i put them in the pointing of the steps in out back garden) and now only have a Victorionox Tinker (which I have actually lost). i have just recently made a average knife. It cuts paper like it was biult by a pro but doesn't look all that good. Btw...the only power tools I use are a chop-saw and a cordless drill.

I posted this thread just to see if any one has any tutorials?

I don't but SIL does. He is an amateur blacksmith. Does the knife making just for fun.
always thought it would be fun, getting into knife making, but am the type of person who needs instructions or a kit to follow. don't know if they make knife kits.

but always wanted to make my own bow and do one of those muzzle-loader kits for a Kentucky rifle. lol.
To make a GOOD knife, have to BLACKSMITH THE 7734 out of a good quality piece of steel. Then HEAT TREAT (harden) and polish, and sharpen.
Taking a piece of steel and grinding it into shape of a blade does not produce a very good knife. Just a sharpened piece of steel.
There are YouTube videos that show some making quality knives. :thumbsup
I have always wanted a forge since a kid and dad said no. Later married and ina townhouse and I knew me banging an anvil would cite rebellion and later in the county and too many other hobbies. I started getting an interest in it again and found forged in Fire and everyone wanting to be a smith. Once it got trendy, I lost interest. My buddy forges them and if I get the urge, I'll go use his to make one.

I have finished several from blanks I purchased. I added the scales and make the sheaths.
My skinner and the sheath

My daughters skinner and sheath.

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