Any other Cafepress shopkeepers ticked off right now?

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Aug 10, 2008
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Prior to June 1st, shopkeepers set the price they wanted to make on their items, this was a markup over Cafepress's fees.

As of June 1st they are setting the price on all items coming through So basically, the only real way I would make the commission I think I deserve is if you go straight through to my store from a link or similiar.

Cafepress prices are a little steep to begin with, but a lot of their items are impulse buys, if you really liked the item a couple of dollars wouldn't likely be that big of an issue.

I used to make an $8 commission on all adult shirts. I was quite astonished to find I made $2.22 (10% commission) yesterday on a shirt, thus me going to the site and finding out what is going on.

They haven't established the set price they feel they are going to do yet, but it looks like A LOT of shopkeepers are leaving.

One lady was doing it as her full time job and making $50K a year. Now she estimates she'll only net between $5-$7K.

I am pretty irritated. I have probably 1,000 designs on there. Would be A LOT of work to move to Zazzle. Little irritated that they just up and changed their aggreement with the shopkeepers like that.
I have a zazzle account, I just haven't figured out how to use it very well.

I should probably check youtube there's probably a video. Heck that's how I learned to crochet this last time.

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