Any pictures of coop or run for ducks?

sandy sea

14 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Rogersville MO
I was thinking of getting some ducks this spring. I do not want to add them to my chicken run area. Does anyone have pictures or plans for a duck run or coop? Where do you keep them?


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
So ducks need floor space since they don't perch, well not often
They will use next boxes on the floor level. You can use a building like a chicken coop, however make sure the floor has a waterproof covering, like linoleum, and I'd suggest making a wire covered area for the waterer to drain to the outside... ...see nettie's pics...mine are in a chicken coop right now, but this summer I will be retrofitting the floor to be like hers
You just won't believe how wet the bedding will get my other coop where I can't cut the floor I will continue using cat pans with wire covers as stands for the waterers...this way I can dump out the tray when I fill the waterer.
Ok so but for outside, during the day, ducks need to be able to submerge their nostrils to keep them clear...they will need a kiddie pool or at minimum a deep bowl.

Try searching duck coops or duck pens on here and see all of the cool ideas!

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