any place to buy sexed silkies?


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I have been looking at every online hatchery I can find I cannot find any place that sells the silkies sexed. I checked MPC and they want $7.00 more per chick to sex them!!

Anyone know were I can find sexed silkies, im am so disappointed I was so excited to order my silkies from MPC today
I looked online and that seems to be the only supplier (MPC) that provides that service. It was worth it to me ,however I have a bit of a wait with my Silkies to see if any roos are in my flock, after ordering pullets. I am keeping them regardless ,will need to change housing a bit. Mine are only 6 weeks old. I am going to keep a close eye on this post to see what feedback/input shows up. My buff and whites failed to hatch out so I received an option to accept other colors ,which I did. Early on my patridge ,a blue and undetermined color failed to live. I originally had to order 10 due to distance from mainland to here on The Big Island. Once my flocks mature a bit and get into their coop ,I want to get white ones,.a patridge, and a splash. I have since noticed MPC is not offering a color choice for the consumer. Explanation is on their website. I hope in early spring things revert back to choices.
To the best of my knowledge MPC is the only hatchery that sexes bantams at all. I got 6 from them that are now 6 weeks old and they were all supposed to be girls. I think one of the 6 might be a roo but I'm not sure yet. My next group are straight run so it will be interesting to see what I get. I still think that it is worth it to pay the extra to get them sexed if it matters to you. I really love mine and can't wait to get the next batch. If I end up with extra roos I will give them away. They are so sweet and absolutely adorable!
So you guys do think its worth the price?

A friend of mine knows a lady that may have some I can buy, and if not I guess ill just bite the bullet and buy from MPC. I guess its worth the price to have guarantee of all hens. I dont mind to much the colors as like MPC says "all silkies are cool"
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i would order from MPC. everyone complains about the price, but the truth is, they ship small quantities, sex bantams, and often offer a decent assortment of breeds (they also label EEs as such, and not as ameraucanas/araucanas/etc.)

it's worth the price to get as few as you want shipped to you healthily and sexed!
I agree, if it's worth it to you to make sure you get hens, MPC is the way to go. $7 extra for females does seem high but when you take into account how much smaller bantam chicks are it makes sense. Plus you don't have to order 25 which is fantastic! I ordered the rainbow layers that are on sale but since I couldn't add on a silkie (i only want one) without paying the extra shipping, I'll be getting mine from the feed store and hope I pick a hen!
As someone who has gone to great, great effort & expense to rehome roosters. I see it as an option. I have used more than a couple tanks of gas to rehome roosters. Probably $60 worth in the past year or so. Plus my time! Makes $7 sound cheap-cheap-CHEEP!

I am surprised that they CAN sex them. I have read that it is really hard.
exactly! i can't imagine how people can order from other places and get 25 chicks, all 25 of which could somehow be roosters! i'm from central Virginia, and although there is enough interest in chickens to supply a few feedstores with chicken feed/waterers, etc., as well as have a few chicken swaps in the TSC parking lot, i don't see how i could find enough people to rehome even 5 (hatchery) roosters.

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