Any reptile people out there? need some advice.


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Apr 9, 2009
First of all this is a posting for a friend, I don't nor have I ever owned any type of reptile. But she is DESPERATE for help/advice...anything really. So I said I would try to get some ideas from the knowledgable people on BYC!

Anyways Kristie and her boyfriend own Monty, a 2 foot long still young savanah monitor. Two weeks ago while they were at work Monty knocked over a branch (in his large enclosure) climbed it, opened the lid and made his great escape.

They searched and searched and searched for Monty. well they found him in the basement... Just finishing swallowing a mouse. Josh went to grab Monty, who is friendly and used to being handled, but took fright (Josh was probably excited and moved quickly envoking the flight or fight response in Monty. well Monty took off, diving into the sump pump and then into the outlet( not sure if this is the right word) pipe (its the pipe near the top of that hole tha the sump pumps are in). He then poked his head out and Josh grabbed at him again. Monty retreated backwards into the pipe never to be seen again (this is 2 weeks ago now)

Monty is a pet and they are very sad.

They have called animal control, multiple plumbers, and as she stated " I called everyone" no one will help them. The local pet store suggested a heat lamp, which is now in place shing down the sump pump hole onto a board they rigged up.

This pipe thing that Monty went into is not under water( at least not yet). They have done some research and it says that in cool weather ( which I'm sure its cold down there in that pipe in Ontario this time of year) Savanah monitors may "hibernate" and he could go a month or longer without needing to eat..he does have access to water though as their is a light trickle of water in the pipe.

Also I can't imagine, underground liek that it will ever get warm enough for monty to come out of hibernation? At least not until june.. SO will he just stay in hibernation and eventually starve? Or will, despite the cold, he come out of hibernation when he gets hungry enough?( please excuse my ignorance, Its never been a necsecity to learn about reptiles).

I suggested she contact our local media( hey we live in a small town, their is not much exciting that goes on it may be a bit of a human interest story and some one who could help might read about it).

Does anybody have any ideas?
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I would NOT call media... they will take this story and run far and wide with it....

Port Credit Pets
219 Lakeshore Rd. E.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
PH: (905)274-8018

See if Grant is still there... he is great at problem solving with kind of stuff...

if not



Facility Manager: Lee Parker
Phone Number: 905-761-6223 Extension #666
E-mail: [email protected]

Curator and Director of Research: Andre Ngo, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 905-761-6223
E-mail: [email protected]

Or if at last resort call the Metro Toronto zoo
Toronto Zoo
361A Old Finch Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M1B 5K7

Phone: 416-392-5929
Email: [email protected]
ask for someone who is in the reptile area... (Americas pavilion I think)
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