Any scientists on BYC or users of Sulfur?

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  1. I have just bought pure sulfur in the powder form.
    I'm thinking of dusting the hens for mites with it but wasn't sure if this was to harsh to put on them. So what can I use to weaken the concentration of the sulfur/ to dilute it. I was thinking just flour?
    The reason I am doing this is because in the local dusting material that costs 4 times more than a kg of sulfur basically consists of sulfur and 1 other material ( I will find the other one out in a sec ).
    So I am just trying to save a shed load of cash.
    Any help is much appreciated thanks in advance.
  2. Ashburnham

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    Sulphur won't hurt them - I use it to dust my chooks and goats'
    The goats eat it too. You can eat it yourself if you like.

    xxxx M
  3. Thanks Ash.
    So I won't have to even weaken it with anything?
    What if I want to make it go further?
  4. Ashburnham

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    Any inert powder mate. Flour might work or diatomaceous earth.
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    The other "stuff" you might add would work as a dispersent making so sulphur does not clump yet penetrates feathers to where mights are located. Diatomaceous earth would do nicely on both accounts as would dry soil.
  6. Yeah the sulfur I got is like sand, all grainy. But the dusting powder you buy is like a powder all fluffy like dust.
  7. Ashburnham

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    Luke- you can by finely powdered sulphur from most grain stores/farm supplies.
    It is not too expensive.
  8. I shall look out for it, I got a half a kilo bag of sulfur for $2.00.
    This is compared to $17.00 for the Dusting powder "specially made for chickens" pfft yeah right. Why does it cost so much for that when you can buy the raw materials for barley nothing.
  9. Ashburnham

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    That's how companies make lotsa money.
  10. Well it is But what you going to do about it.
    Just find those old chicken tricks.

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