Any suggestions on where I can purchase a pour-on ivermectin?


11 Years
May 6, 2008
South East MI
I found round worms in the coop the other day and am now frantic to get some ivermectin. I've never used it before but have been reading about it but nothing about where to buy it. Anyone have any ideas?
Any help will be much appriciated!!



If you have a worm infestation and see them in the poop, maybe you should do something like Wazine 17 first and then like 10 - 14 days later re worm them and use the Ivermectin or Eprinex or Valbazen. I have read on here that if there is a large infestation then it could cause the worms to clog. I have just had to worm my chickens and I used Wazine 17 and in a week or so I will either use the Ivermectiv pour on or buy the Eprinex.

You can also use the cattle pour on. They don't make this for chickens but this can be used on chickens of course changing the dosage since there is a considerable size difference.
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