Any Swedish Exhibitors out there? BETTER PICS ADDED!

TK Poultry

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May 25, 2009
Greencastle, Indiana
i need help judging on whether i should take these guys to show..... i can post pictures if there is anyone out there that can help
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ok im going to go and get new picture tomorrow, but i can put these two pictures that are really bad and old. i know swedes arent suppose to have alot of solid blue feathers and their bib is suppose to be contained to the front



these are horrible pictures and i need to get new ones but these are a start
juding , from those pics i would say in the frist pic the middle blue would be good , and in the second pics i would say most of the blacks , but just with these pics , if you had some from different angles etc. that would be a big help
its good to know that the blacks are good but you cant show them which is CRAP but i will get different pics. im glad that one of my breeds of birds could possibly pan out. thank god
ok i will tomorrow ill be home all day so i will try to get them taken tomorrow morning. i hope they are good quality because you dont see these guys very often and im in LOVE with them
ok here are the new pictures





these arent great either but i tried to get different angles and was at their level but getting ducks to pose solo is IMPOSSIBLE i thought trying to get a chicken to do it was hard! but if these dont help i can try again when i feed.
I cant really tell too good by the pics, but the big thing is the bib....and none of the pics really show the blue swedishes bibs real good.
Can you take individual pics? Take one from straight on showing the bib and then another from the side so we can see the body.

Oh, and the blacks are very nice! I know you can't show them, but they should put some nice clean bibs on future ducklings.

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