Any treats for new baby chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by NewChickHere, Feb 16, 2012.

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    My 7 day old little chicks are getting bigger and are very playful and silly. A mosquito hawk flew in the brooder yesterday and they all went crazy. Being a new chicken mom I didn't realize they would do this at 6 days old but I was so grateful to get to witness it as it was so funny. Then my Australorp got it and she was being chased and then ate it. [​IMG]I was totally surprised because like I said, I just had no idea they would do this at this little age. Anyway, now that I see they like little treats like bugs, is there any kind of little treats I can give them just once in a while for fun? Something their little digestive system can handle? Thank you. :)
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    May 9, 2008
    As long as they are getting some form of grit then you can give them bugs, worms, chopped up grass, etc. One time I gave my chicks some red clover and they had a blast playing keep away, although they didn't actually eat it. When my hen hatched some chicks she had them out and about within a week, eating whatever they came across. It was so funny to watch them with her. If she found anything tasty she would call them over to her and they would come-a-runnin'. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Ok great, thank you. I was told they could eat mealworms now since I have a container of them already, I was just waiting for the right age I guess. lol. And you're right, mama would have them out and about by now so I am sure it's ok. As for them getting grit, is that already in their chicken starter food? That's all I give them right now and it's medicated. My farmer friend suggested I give it to them at least their first week or till bag is gone and then just the regular chicken starter. Grit is in the starter foods? Forgive my silly questions, I am brand new to this. [​IMG] But we are having a blast already!
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    I went and got some grit today, Chick Grit. After sprinkling a little bit on their food like sugar and they gobbled it up within a few mins, I see on the bag that it says for 2 weeks old and up. [​IMG] They are 1 week tomorrow. Now I feel terrible and am hoping they will all be ok. [​IMG]
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    My chicks loved the spiders my grandchildren collected from the basement.
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    Ew. lol. So, what are we REALLY eating when we eat eggs if chickens love to eat spiders and scorpions and ticks etc, so much? [​IMG]
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    I gave fine grit to a 3-day old and a bunch of one-weekers. They all survived just fine. Mama hen would have them out pecking in the dirt on day 3 so I figured it was OK.
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    I place a container of CHICK grit in the brooder when the chicks reach 1 week old. After they have had it a day then I start giving them an ocassional treat. The first treat I give them is finely crushed cheerios. They love this.
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    I've been giving chick grit and variety foods(egg, insects, fruits, veggies) from day 3. As soon as the chicks all know where their regular food is, and where the water is and are reliably finding those resources on their own I start offering new stuff. Mine are now 8-9 days old and no one has died from eating grit.
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    Thank you everyone so much. I appreciate all the info and ideas and feel better about them now. It is so weird for this new mom to grasp the eating of little rocks. lol. Is there any way I am
    suppose to know or watch to make sure each chick is actually getting some of the grit? I notice some are real piggies when eating so is there a way I can make sure they all get some? Thank you, Oh, and do I give them some everyday now or just once in awhile. Thanks again, [​IMG] Kim

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