Anybody buy any SLW or GLW at the Bend Creek Swap back in Nov?


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10 Years
Nov 9, 2009
Got a question to those of you who picked up any silver or gold laced wyandottes at the Swap meet (in Jax) back in November. I bought two, one Gold and one Silver, same size, probably around a month or so old maybe a little older. Anyways The Gold is HUGE looks like a full grown hen....but the silver HAS NOT GROWN???, she is about the size of my 2.5 month old BO. Is she a banty? No health problems always eats and drinks fine, just find this strange, anybody else notice the stunted grown of their silver laced? Was not told she was a banty but I'm guessing she must be. She is the sweetest thing but I think egg production will be lacking (extra small eggs??) thanks guys.

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