Anybody do beekeeping?

Mannlake in Woodland.Great place for all equipment,and free shipping until Dec!

You can order from their catalogue or just visit their factory store.Very friendly,helpful and it's employee owned!

good luck-this has been a great summer for my hives,not too hot and lots of pollen.My 5 raspberry plants are exploding with berries and still blossoming.Aplum tree that I summer pruned has blossomed -in October!

Hoping that this year they can winter well into spring-
again,good luck!
One of our moderators here on BYC is a beekeeper, and I buy honey from her. In fact, I am just about out so it almost time to contact Reinbeau again
The honey has the BEST flavor.
I think this is going ot be my spring project...
Hubby and i have been talkng about this for a while now...
Hubby better toughen up.. and get used to a few bee stings
... (if hes trapped with a in a car or something... he hops around like a little girl..
We have 2 hives. Love 'em.

Today I heard a buzzing in the kitchen which would normally send me hunting down the fly swatter.
But now I have to do bee 'ID'. Since it was one of my honey makers, I had to swish it out an open window.

If you really want bee hives, post on Craigslist that you will pick up swarms. On warm summer days you can pick up several a day. Look for the bigger sized easy to reach swarms.

Some are easy to keep others mean! If you lived closer, we have been giving away bee keeping supplies (rather old stuff unfortunately)

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