Anybody do drug dogs or SAR?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by ninny, May 10, 2011.

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    Jul 1, 2007
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    I am having my lab evaluated this summer for drug work or SAR. Does any one here do these? Im having a really hard time finding anyone who will train with me for SAR. He will find objects for you but i need people to find too. He's already three so i'm need to get going. I'm hopeing that i can get on the SAR team here in town. They don't use dogs though. So i need training before i try and join. He really needs a job. He will have his cgc and therapy cert soon. Im also going to do AKC rally with him and my female. But he needs something more. He can do service dog work but thats just for fun. So im looking for tips i guess in starting down this path.
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    I have a good friend who is big into SAR work with her shepherds. What you should do is contact some SAR groups, as near to you as possible, and ask about training. Ask about next steps and if they know anyone who lives in your area who has done SAR or who is active. You might find some really good leads. [​IMG]
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    My collie's grandmother was a SAR dog. She also did fire safety at schools. Her owner trained with a local SAR dog team for years. They went on quite a few searches. Aspen's last search was when she was over 12 years old. I know her owner was a member of a local dog tracking club. That gave both of them a foundation with SAR. So you might want to see if there are any tracking clubs close to you.
    Aspen also did some conformation showing, obedience, ring sport, therapy, herding, acting and many other things. She was a high energy, highly intelligent dog. Her owner knew that she needed a job to do to stay happy. So you are on the right track. If SAR doesn't work out you can try other things to keep your dog motivated. Since he is a lab you might think about Dock dogs. Aspen's owner now does that with her Australian shepherds. So you don't have to have a water dog to enjoy that sport.
  4. ninny

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    Jul 1, 2007
    IL side of the QCA
    The guy who is going to do kiowas evaluation can train me a bit. Then i found a sar group that is some what close to me. There is german shepard club near me also. They do shuznhund (spelling?). I'm going to find out if they would let us train with them. I don't want to do tracking though. He needs to air scent. But if they'd let us train at least we'd get practice.

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