Anybody had this happen?

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    Quote:I ear ya, I'm not so fortunate here, 12 acre swamp in the front yard, creek running the entire east boarder of the property (which is right where the birds are)
    and 85 acres of planted pine is a critter paradise....basically I have a huge animal version of KFC here...without trapping and electric fence, the coyotes, cats, fox coons etc would clean me out in a week.

    I keep 11 traps set around the birds, in the past 3 weeks I've caught 3 bobcats (one going under the turkey pen wonder what he was doing) 5 possums, 8 coons and a skunk.. all in my yard pretty much.... whoever invented electric fence chargers, I'd like to hug them
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    Is it Ok to laugh yet??????
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    You might want to rethink after you hear these incidents. I use ONLY low Impedence (pulse) type chargers for my horse/duck fence. 1):(The continuous ones can kill a small child if the conditions are right. I read (one of the fence companies websites) of a 4 year old who was playing on wet grass and grabbed the fence and couldn't let go and died. 2) I was working on a fence and knelt on damp ground near a metal t pole and had a metal pin in my mouth, the continuous charger I had arced to my head , I felt like one of those cartoon characters getting fried, I heard a voice say," let go!"( I was out working alone) and I heaved and pushed myself off the pole--- it had gone through my head, and the metal pin in my mouth burned my tongue and gums....I lay on the ground and panted for about 10 minutes....till I realised I wasn't going to die:eek: 3) At a friends family picnic, they had a small dog type charger around their large dog pen, a small 8 year old reached thru the fence to pet the dog and touched the wire and couldn't let go, she was mouthing "help", my son saw her and yelled unplug the fence, I was next to it and knew what he meant, and yanked it. He snatched her up and she was pretty traumatized.
    Needless to say I won't use a continuous charger anymore [​IMG]
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    Quote:did you find it like this squirrel?
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    Some byc'r has to have an e-fence for BEARS..... I had to ask how much of a fence to you have to have to repell a bear. They get a 15 jewl box and then they wrap the wire with bacon to make sure the bear gets the message!!!! I think that would do it.[​IMG]
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    Quote:1: what fence company and what volt charger?Although yes I quess if a kid bit down on it and the ground was wet that would be the right conditions.I concede that. 2) Did you "touch" the pole or did the electricity "arc" or jump to you? 3) Difinitely The child couldnt let go ? cause I know they traumatize you ...thats what they are made for [​IMG] These are important questions. Im using the lowest I know of and of course want to be safe. Desert rooster I truly cant believe that that squirrel didnt"fry" and drop [​IMG] Caspernc if you put bacon on it I would "fry" [​IMG]
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    Awwwwwww, poor squirrel. [​IMG]

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