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Nov 30, 2020
Yeah, I was talking about one of the parents. Sorry about the confusion, I could see how you may have thought that.
I’m pretty sure on parent was a purebred silkie as that was what I was suppose to get. I think that a “milkman” rooster must have gotten into the enclosure, resulting in this guy. I guess the real question is, what do you think he’s mixed with? Silkie x (??????)


Dec 8, 2020
South Carolina
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I hatched this guy from some eggs that were supposed to be silkies (with chance of frizzle/sizzles/and showgirls) off of eBay. He (which I’m assuming he is since the colors have started to show up) is the only chicken with normal feathers. He was hatched all black but has recently started to get in orange/red/yellow feathers and has a fairly long black-green iridescent tail feathers. I’m thinking he might be a polish cross?!?!? But to be honest I have no idea. I always called him my “crow” since he was young, he’s almost 3 months now. He’s a cool looking bird..especially with the colored feathers coming in on his head.
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Very pretty boy. 😍

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