Anybody know about Turkeys??? Mine can't stand up.


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Jan 2, 2011
Yukon, Oklahoma
I have also posted under Turkey - but I need to pick everyone's brains. He had some sort of respiratory problem, gave antibiotics and seems much better, but he can't stand up without weaving everywhere and then falling over or just going head over heals and ending up upside down. I don't know what to do. I have been feeding him and giving water - he isn't doing this on his own as far as I can see. Any ideas? I don't want to lose him - he is an amazing bird!!
I know nothing at all about turkeys.... what little I have read seems to indicate that they get and carry a lot of diseases?

I guess I would ask if you have wormed him? Checked him for parasites in and around his head, ears... Use the Search here on BYC for any of the symptoms you can.. read up... Search "Turkey losing balance", "Off balance, falling down".... "not walking straight"...

You said you gave him antibiotics, what kind and for how long, in what way.... I mean, orally, in the water, or injected? If you give him antibiotics longer, until the symptoms are gone and stay gone for a few days? Or, switch up to a different, more broad spectrum, antibiotic? (Check with the feed store.. sometimes they even know what the illness is if you describe it).

Best of luck... hope someone who "knows turkeys" chimes in and offers some help, has seen this before.

Take care...
What breed is the turkey? I had some broad breasted bronze turkeys and two of four of them had a similar problem. I tried nursing them for two months and neither one ever recovered. The weight of that breed causes them to have problems. I hope someone can help you as I did not have luck with any of the recommendations I found in the forum. Good luck!
Thanks, this is a Naragansett (sp?) So it isn't broad breasted. I just wish someone had an idea. I guess I can just try different antibiotics and maybe a wormer??? prolly can't hurt.

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