Anybody Use a Mister for Cooling?


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Feb 28, 2010
N/E of Richmond, VA
I have been trying to find a suitable misting system for a large coop (barn, actually), but I keep coming across reviews of leaky systems. I do not want a leaky mister around my animals. Can anybody recommend a good mister system to use in a coop?
Good question, I am comtemplating using a mister for my chicken yard and would also appreciate any feedback or reviews of products people have used.
I just drag out the hose and mist them myself. I have lots of buckets of water for them just in case they want to stand in it.
I will be doing that, too, but I have rabbits in the same barn (separated by mesh so the chickens and bunnies don't bug each other) and they wouldn't have access to those things. I would really like something that lowers the ambient temperature in the entire barn for the benefit of all my critters. Right now, I have a bunch of ice packs and frozen water bottles, but changing them out so often is rather tedious and the rabbits really don't like it when they condensate and drip on them. I really think a mister is my best bet at this point.
I use this product under my cedar tree that they like to hide out beneath and in the run. Bought mine at Walmart for $10.00.

I prefer this because the tips are easily removed for yearly descaling (or earlier if necessary). Equally or more important, the tips clean up to like new condition. I had others that once the tips were clogged because of scale, the unit might as well be thrown away because the tips never returned to the fine cooling matter what I did.
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I have a very simple method..I have a hose gun with an adjustable spray (cheap at Walmart) that I attach to the hose, drag it out to the their favorite shade cedar and I hang it by the trigger so that it mists down. When the breeze in the afternoons kick up, it drifts over into the run, too, and they love it. Simple and cheap!
Bear in mind a mister is not going to do nearly as much cooling in Virginia as it does in, like, Arizona. The more humid the air is, the less good it does.

That said, I do not see that minor leaks are a problem. I mean, it's summertime. It's already humid
As long as it's not a real gusher, minor leaks are not going to change anything. They *would* be a problem in cooler weather but you wouldn't be USING a mister or swamp cooler then ANYhow

The first thing though is to make sure you've got enough shade and passive ventilation (i.e. open walls) to give you the same temp in the coop as the outdoor temperature-in-shade. If your coop is running hotter than outdoor temperatures without a fan on, it seems silly to me to go to the expense and aggravation of a fan when simply improving the design would give you that more easily, quite possibly more cheaply, and in a way that is permanent and not dependant on electricity or moving parts

Good luck, have fun,

I have not had problems with leakage or breakage with my Ocean Breeze misters to date. I am careful with all my equipment. I do not "manhandle" anything unless required. Thus I go years longer on my equipment than many people. These misters might leak if I abused them or was careless. Or maybe, this year, they will. We'll see soon!

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