Anyone else a Doctor Who fan???


12 Years
Oct 27, 2007
Orlando, Florida
Or am I the only geek here?

Ive been anxiously awaiting the return of season 4, which Im happy to annouce starts April 18th on the Sci Fi channel. Only problem is....we dont have that channel LOL.

They are also premiering the "Sarah Jane Adventures" A spin off of Doctor Who...I cant wait!!
Plenty of geeks here. I liked the old version.

Have you checked Itunes for the new Dr. Who? They probably sell the
whole season there for $15.
Heck ya. At first I wasn't sure anyone could replace Tom Baker (never got into Davidson) but Eccleston and now Tennant are doing fine jobs. You need to get scifi. Or BBC America, they show it about 6 months after scifi.

I'm too young to remember the old series....when I was a kid, we didn't have a TV.

I stumbled across the new series by accident 2 years ago, watched the first episode, and was hooked! Obsessed actually. Then, I moved in with my sister & b-i-l last year, -just- when s.3 was starting on scifi. ....And they don't have any TV channels at all. :-(

We -do- have Netflix, and when I can convince b-i-l, he puts a show on his list. I've gotten them to watch s.1&s.2, so hopefully we'll be seeing some s.3 soon. (fingers crossed) In the meantime; Netflix online lets me watch some of the old ones. Watching the Keys to Time series now.

PC...I'll have to look into the iTunes possibility. That'd be nice.
Tennant's my favourite so far, but I've only really seen 9 & 10. The online episodes I've watched (old show) don't play smoothly...and its tricky to get the full effect of acting when the characters stop moving every 5 seconds!!
I'm a compleat who fan. hince the name, crystalwho. David tennant's my fav but Matt Smith is a close second! I need to make a little bowtie and fez for my chicken...

Edited because: I cannot spell david or put any spaces behind the name for some odd reason. I'm an odd ood. lol
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