Anyone else dealing with Lyme?


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Jul 6, 2010
After being misdiagnosed by 6 different doctors(everything from muscle strain to a pinched nerve) I finally convinced one to have me tested and it came up positive for Lyme. If you have it you'll know the kind of misery I'm in--right side from shoulder to foot but mostly in hip and knee. It is making chicken care tough--trying to handle 50-lb bags of food is almost impossible--but I'm getting by. I'm in my 5th week post-diagnose but it all started at the end of June.

BTW I'm not sure where or when the tick got me but, given where it started, suspect nymph lodged in my right hand between the first and second knuckle. Just were I wouldn't have seen it.
I have a friend that went through it, two year battle after diagnosis to get back to mostly normal. As bad as that is, another friend went through it 25+ years ago, and it was a handful of pills a day and they made him so sick, so at least the treatment is better. I think my buddy a few years ago was taking three or four pills a day, without the nausea.

Anyone can disagree, all I am doing is putting it on the table. Look at a boron supplement, there are correlations between rheumatoid arthritis and lyme disease. There was a recent case study in Iraq for using boron to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Watch for the foil hat stuff, but there real info too. It is an essential nutrient, FDA hasn't quantified, but soils are more and more nutrient drained.

Good luck brother, it ain't gonna be easy, but it is beatable.
not something that is fun to deal with, hope you find what helps you best and get to feeling better, I have joint issues and osteoporosis and know some days can be more challenging than others. I have someone to help so try to pick up feed once a week , feed store gets it an loads it up, then the boy helps unload when I get back, might be something to think about. I do what I can and when I can't anymore even though it will break my heart The flock will find a new home as I have to do what is best for them outta the love and respect I have for my flock.

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